Open Floor Movement Practice

Conscious Dance/Moving Meditation

Practicing Open Floor on a regualr basis offers fun, creative resources for remaining flexible and relaxed in a turbulent world. 

Join us  for this unique conscious dance/moving meditation. A wide range of music will create soundscapes to match our movement exploration. 

Email to find out where dance classes are held or to schedule a workshop.

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Movement Practice Guidelines

Open Floor Conscious Dance Classes

Open Floor offers a few tips for settling into your movement practice:

Move & Include: This offering is for everyone. We practice inclusion of all bodies, emotions and perspectives.

Follow Your Body: Go at the pace that works for you. There are no steps to follow. No way to do it wrong.

Body Language: Shifting from speaking with words to speaking with movement makes for very creative conversations.

Stay With: As with any meditation practice, distractions happen – gently bring your attention back to movement, breath, and the body. We all hit patches of fatigue, boredom, shyness, frustration, and discomfort. Even if you can only wiggle a finger or nod your head to the beat, stay with it until something changes. Most often, it will.

Expand Your Comfort Zone: If you always keep to yourself, include someone else in your dance. If you prefer dancing with a partner, try going solo. Slow down. Speed up. Imitate somebody and see how it feels. Create your own remix of others' moves.

It’s Not About the Music: Open Floor teachers use music in a wide variety of ways to catalyze movement. Love it or hate it, your response is your choice. Use everything as inspiration for your dance. The “I don’t like this song” can be creative and fascinating.

Experiment, Be Curious & Enjoy Yourself: Excessive seriousness will slow you down.