Dance With Deb & Facilitate Movement

Open Floor Facilitator



As a child, Deb enjoyed tap dance, but the ballet barre drove her away from any formal training. Discovering 5Rhythms Sacramento in 2006 led to workshops with Gabrielle Roth, the California-based founders of Open Floor, and other movement teachers. After more than 10 years honing her personal dance practice, she entered the first OF teacher training. Now, Deb blends her proficiency as a community builder and group facilitator with her love of conscious dance to offer a unique, interdisciplinary Open Floor experience.

Not one to walk a traditional path, Deb’s built community from board rooms to Burning Man. Her speciality is to facilitate a collaborative environment that values each person for their unique gifts and contributions. Her professional background and wide-ranging studies include community, organizational and leadership development, psychology, sociology, communication, conflict resolution, sexuality education, alternative health, spirituality, yoga, and singing. Deb is the founder of Converge Consulting Research and Training, which is dedicated to creating healthier communities and a more just world. 

Deb holds a Master of Science degree in Community Development from the University of California, Davis and a Bachelor of Arts Psychology degree from the State University of New York, Plattsburgh. A lifelong learner, she’s participated in a variety of personal, professional, and spiritual development such as Skills for Change/Radical Therapy Collective, Diamond Voice and Self Expression/Whole Person Integration, Human Awareness Institute (HAI) Love, Intimacy and Sexuality, Enneagram, Gestalt Awareness Practice, Creative Writing, and Native American traditional healing. Additionally, she’s completed facilitator training in Mediation/Conflict Resolution, Appreciative Inquiry, Open Space Technology, the Right Question Project, Non-Profit Consulting, Undoing Racism, Coaching for Transformation, and the Syzygy Dance Project Outreach Program. 

Deb is a working member of Open Floor International and serves as Operations Lead for the Membership Circle.